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Is your company looking to apply for tender in a foreign country within the European Union? If the country’s official language where you are applying for tender is not English, you will need to get all your documents translated. Docsbase UK has years of experience translating anything and everything related to applying for tender. Because we are global company with offices across Europe and North America, we have an upper-hand when it comes to international business translations.

How Docsbase UK can help with applications for tender

Requests for tender, also known as ‘invitations to tender’ or ‘requests for proposals’, can be utilised by governments, the private sector and non-governmental agencies. For businesses, a successful tender application can mean gaining a new client and, thus, an increase in revenue. In a now globalised economy, requests for tender are open to international businesses from all over the world. In particular, the European Union offers excellent opportunities for member states to apply for tender in fellow member states.


We only work with the best linguists around the world, ensuring 100% quality and unbeatable completion time

Docsbase UK provides translations for all documents required for tender applications. Here is a list of some common documents we translate: proposal outlines, plans, pricing, schedules, eligibility for projects, information on qualifications, history/experience summaries, financial reports, official bids and more. We also translate between every EU language and virtually every other language. Each of our in-house translators has areas of expertise meaning that every translation is handled by an expert familiar with the terminology and technical terms associated with their field. Our in-house financial translation team has years of experience translating materials for tender applications.

Certification and Document Legalisation with Docsbase UK

Translated documents be submitted as part of applications for tender will usually require certification and, possibly, legalisation. Depending on where and to whom documents are being submitted, the type of certification or legalisation may very. Our standard certification, which is included in our basic quotes, is accepted across the UK and often abroad. Sometimes, however, requesting agencies may require certification by Solicitor or Notaries Public, which we can also provide. Lastly, for use abroad, some countries require that certain documents be affixed with an Apostille or be authenticated via Consular Legalisation. Fortunately, Docsbase UK also offers both of these services.



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