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We are proud to offer our customers a comprehensive translation service, now including our London-based Apostille service! We can issue documents originating in both the UK (including NI) and Republic of Ireland with Apostille authentication!

In order for a translated document originating in one country to be recognized as legal and official in another country, it must be issued with Apostille authentication in the country of origin.

The Apostille certification or authentication guarantees that a document or translation will be recognised as legal and official documents in all countries signed up to the Hague Convention of 1961, which includes the UK and ROI. It can be used to verify the country of origin of the document, the conditions under which the document was signed and the identities of all signatories, including that of the authority issuing the certification.


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Do my documents require Apostille authentication?

The most common documents which require Apostille authentication are legal documents and civil certificates. Our London-based certification agency can provide this for all documents, including:

Other documents include:

A complete Apostille authentication service, based right here in London

In order for a translated document to be issued with Apostille certification, it must be issued with translator certification, notarised and a certified copy of the original must be attached to it. We will undertake all of this for you for a one-off fee, saving you time, hassle and money by using us London-based agency for all your document certification and Apostille authentication needs. We will even courier the document to the Department of Foreign Affairs in London, where it will be issued with the State Apostille stamp.

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Partners across Europe

Uniquely, we have an extensive network of trusted partners across Europe, who can provide you with our full certification and authentication service. If you have family, friends or associates in Europe who have prepared documents in their country which they wish to use in the UK or elsewhere, allow our partners to issue these documents with Apostille certification, guaranteeing the same level of professionalism and dedication that you have come to expect from us.

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