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Hungarian Translation and Localization Services.
From Docsbase International. United Kingdom

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If you require the highest quality Hungarian to English translations and English to Hungarian translations, look no further! Here at our London-based translation agency we are delighted to extend our wide range of document translation, preparation and document certification services to include Hungarian translations.

Unrivalled expertise

All our Hungarian translators are certified native speakers who have many years of experience translating for the Hungarian-speaking community in London, and for Londoners who have business or personal associates in Hungary.


We only work with the best linguists around the world, ensuring 100% quality and unbeatable completion time

Each of our London-based Hungarian translators is fully qualified and specializes in certain fields of translation, including:

  • Legal translation: of all legal documents including contracts, power of Attorney and Patents
  • Financial translation: of bank statements, income statements
  • Business translation: of corporate merger statements, tax declarations
  • Medical translation
  • Personal translation: of civil certificates and documents such as Hungarian birth certificates and Hungarian passports

A comprehensive service

Our in-house legal team is able to provide all Hungarian translations with any level of document certification, from translator certification to notarisation to legalisation and Apostille authentication. All of this from our conveniently located London offices! Why not call in today to let us help you with all your Hungarian translation and certification needs?

Hungarian interpreting services – based in London

All our certified Hungarian interpreters are native Hungarian speakers and are based in London. We are always close to you, so can provide you with one of our professional, trained Hungarian interpreters within very short notice, usually of up to an hour! We are adept in a wide range of interpreting styles, in situations as diverse as conferences, Business Meetings and weddings. We can even provide video conference call interpreting.

Our expert team is always available in the office, online or for telephone conversations and can assist in any situation should you require a Hungarian interpreter, last-minute translations or certification of large-volume documents. Why not contact us today to see how we can help you?



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