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In today’s international community, many documents must be certified or legalised in order to be used outside of the country of origin. This is also the case for all translated documents produced in London to be used outside the UK.

In addition to our comprehensive range of document translation services, we are delighted to save our customers time and money by providing a full in-house document legalisation service. This includes a number of different types of legalisations and certifications, which will vary depending on the use for which the finished document is intended. Allow our professional legal team, many of whom were trained right here in London, to advise you on which document certification type is best suited to your needs. All our services can be applied to translations which we have prepared or to any other document.


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Legalisation of Documents

This is required for all legal documents which are prepared in the UK but which are to be used abroad, including contracts, loans and affidavits. Legalisation verifies that the document has originated in the UK.

Notarisation of Documents

This is required for any translated document such as residency statements which is to be used in a country in which the translated language is not recognised as an official language. This will be completed by our own UK-licensed notary, guaranteeing the utmost confidentiality to all our clients. Notarisation is also required for all documents which must be issued with Apostille authentication.

Apostille Authentication – issuing the UK Apostille stamp

We take care of everything for you, arranging for notarisation of the document and even acquiring the Apostille stamp from the Department of Foreign Affairs in London.

Apostille authentication ensures that your document or translation will be considered as legal and official in any country signed up to the Hague Convention of 1961. Documents requiring this include civil certificates such as marriage certificates and many other legal and immigration documents. The Apostille stamp of the UK is affixed to the translation and a certified copy of the original to authenticate the signature of the notary, confirming that the translation is a true and accurate representation of the original.

Apostille authentication is the highest level of document or translation certification. It ensures that your documents or translations will be recognised as legal and official in any country signed up to the Hague Convention of 1961. It is required for all legal documents including immigration statements and for civil certificates such as marriage certificates. The translation is attached to a certified copy of the original, which is then notarised to confirm that the translation is true and accurate to the original. The Apostille stamp is then affixed to these documents to certify the signature of the notary.

Partners across Europe

Our unique connection with partners in the ROI and throughout the EU can offer all of these services to your documents originating outside of the UK, so that they will be accepted and recognised by the UK Home Office and Department of Foreign Affairs.

>Whether your document or translation requires basic certification or full Apostille authentication, contact us today! Remember, we offer a full range of document translation and interpreting services to fulfil your every translation need.


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