Private Interpreting

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We are delighted to offer our clients an extensive range of private interpreting services, anywhere in London! This is in addition to our more formal, specialist business interpreting, court interpreting and medical interpreting services. Our private interpreting service uses the same professional, native speaker interpreters as our other interpreting services, so that you can be sure the personable interpreters you receive from us are only the very best. The setting may be more informal and relaxed, but the standards are just as high.

Here on holiday?

Whether you are in London on a business visit and want a few days to see the sights or if you are here on holiday and want to enjoy to the full the unique range of cultural and historical attractions are city has to offer, don’t let a language barrier get in the way of you enjoying your stay! We can provide one of our professional, friendly, London-based interpreters to travel with you and interpret everything from information signs to museum displays into your native language. We can also interpret for you when communicating with local people. Because all our interpreters are based in London, we are perfectly placed to offer you this service – we all have local knowledge that you will doubtless benefit from!


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Attending a social occasion?

If you are attending a social occasion such as a wedding where the majority of guests do not speak your language, why not let one of our native speaker interpreters help you to make the most of this special event? We can help you to communicate with all guests from both families with the utmost ease. All our interpreters are highly trained and will display the utmost level of professionalism at all times.

Visit to the Metropolitan police service (the Met)?

Even if you are merely presenting a statement of no criminal record or obtaining a record of police clearance, a visit to the Metropolitan Police Service can be daunting if English is not your native language. The legal terminology used in such situations can be confusing even to a native speaker! Why not let one of our professional London-based interpreters who have many years of experience interpreting in such situations help you to avoid such confusion? Our private, confidential interpreters can explain everything to you in the equivalent terms in you native language, clarifying everything for you and in turn helping you to be fully understood by our police, saving you time and avoiding and unnecessary hassle or delays.

Why not contact us today to arrange for your private interpreter? If you or an associate are visiting the Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland, our partners in Dublin and Belfast can provide you with a local interpreter to serve all your interpreting requirements.


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