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Contract translation requires the translator to have a thorough understanding of both business and legal terminology. Our team of fully qualified translators, based here in the heart of London, includes a number of expert legal translators who have chosen to specialise in contract translation for the UK and EU markets, with particular emphasis on the London market.

All our translators are trained to the highest standards, and all translate exclusively into or out of their native language. Our partners across Europe can provide the same high standards of translation and service that you have come to expect of us, including helping you to draw up contracts with colleagues across the continent.

For contract negotiations where each party is a native speaker of a different language, we recommend our legal interpretation service, where only fully qualified native speakers will interpret for you.


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Confidentiality Highest precision and utmost confidentiality – to all our clients

Contract translation requires the utmost attention to detail to ensure every clause in the original is replicated in full and in every aspect in the finished translation. Our reputation for precise translations, which are true in every detail to the original, is second to none.

All our agency staff maintain the highest level of confidentiality with our customers, and never discuss the content of your documents with anyone other than the translator who will proofread the finished translation. Additionally, should your document require certification, we can offer this service in-house so that your documents will never leave the safety of our offices until you are ready for them to be delivered to you or to collect them yourself.

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