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Get certified translations for submission to NARIC UK in London

Are you submitting documents to NARIC UK? If your documents are in any language other than English, you will need to get certified translations of the originals. Fortunately, Docsbase UK offers affordable, accurate translations that are guaranteed to be accepted by NARIC. We are a leading translation and legalisation agency with offices across North America and Europe. We have years of experience translating all types of documents for submission to NARIC and can answer any questions you have regarding their requirements.

Why translate NARIC bound documents with Docsbase UK?

Many of our clients, despite being required to submit documents to NARIC, are unfamiliar with what it does. It is an organisation that works on behalf of the UK government and is responsible for providing information and advice on “vocational, academic and professional skills and qualifications from all over the world”. This means that if you are applying to study or work in the UK and want employers or educational institutions to consider your previous education or employment, you may need UK NARIC to to provide an evaluation of said education or employment materials. The organisation can only evaluate documents in English meaning you will need to submit a certified translation of original document if it is any other language.


We only work with the best linguists around the world, ensuring 100% quality and unbeatable completion time

Docsbase UK can translate any document that you are required to submit. For individuals, we most often translate educational documents like transcripts, Diplomas, degree certificates, vocational certificates and more. For organizations, we translate contracts, mission statements, certifications, government issued certificates, and more. Whatever you are required to submit, we can translate it!

The most comprehensive NARIC translation services in London

Not only can Docsbase UK translate any document you might have, but we work with virtually every language. Every single one of our locations has teams of in-house translators with specialised areas of expertise. This means that whatever type of document you give to us, it will be translated by an industry translation expert. Because we only rely on in-house translators, we can better control our quality, pricing and completion times. All of these equates to a great service for our clients. Don’t go anywhere else for a certified translation!

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