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Large Business Meetings and conferences inherently involve fast-paced discussions, and so usually require simultaneous interpreting, so that all parties can participate fully and in real time with the discussions. In the international world of today’s businesses and industry, the delegates and attendees may speak a wide range of languages. Here at our London translation and interpreting offices, we employ a large team of interpreters who are each unmatched in their skill, and who translate only into their native language. This makes us your perfect choice for large meetings!

Smaller Business Meetings are best suited to consecutive interpreting, where the slower pace allows the client to easily clarify anything that is said.


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Unrivalled experience – London-based interpreters

All our London-based and UK-certified interpreters are highly qualified and experienced in interpreting for conferences and Business Meetings, and all are well versed in the terminology unique to the international business environment, in both languages. To ensure that all participants are fully comfortable with what is being said, all industry-specific terminology will be translated into the closest equivalent in the client’s native language, rather than simply conveying a literal translation. The level of skill required to do this in simultaneous interpreting is rare to find – our native speaker interpreters are among the best in the industry!

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We also offer a range of document translation services including business, financial and legal translations, all from our local London offices.

Our partners in Dublin and Belfast can offer the same high standards you have come to expect from us – we can arrange for one of our Dublin or NI interpreters to assist in your business meeting or conference held in the Dublin or Belfast areas.


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