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We offer the highest quality translations at the most affordable prices in the United Kingdom. We have in-house translators that allow us to control not only quality but also completion time. Our London office is centrally located and easy to get to.

Translation and Legalization Services with Docsbase UK

Docsbase UK is an experienced, professional translation and legalization agency. While one of our major offices is located in the heart of London, we have many other locations worldwide, which means that our customers can take advantage of the benefits that come with being an international company. One of these benefits is a larger network of in-house translators and thus, a much wider range of language combinations. We like to think that there is no language that we can’t translate. Because our London branch is autonomously run and is very oriented toward the UK market, it means you are also getting the personalised attention of a small business. We take pride in our customer service: we respond to enquiries in minutes, we are ready to answer any questions over the phone and we always welcome in-person visits to our office. In fact, not only are our translators multi-lingual, but so are our Project Managers and our customer service team. This gives us incredible flexibility when dealing with clients and managing translations. If you are uncomfortable speaking in English, let us know. There is a good chance we can speak to you in your native language.

Did you know? Docsbase Ireland provides the fastest, most cost effective document legalisation services between Ireland and the United Kingdom. Call our London team today to find out more.


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Translation Process and Swiss Quality Management

The translation process is not as simple as one might think. When we receive a translation it is first reviewed by one of our project managers who assesses, among other things, difficulty of language combination, complexity of document, completion time, and cost. Once all that is determined they will choose a translator most qualified to carry out the work. A translation is not simply assigned to whoever can translate between two languages. Aside from the language combination, we have to factor in what type of document it is. If it is a legal text, for example, we will not send it to a science specialist and vice-versa. Translations are always sent to the most qualified translators and always fall under his or her expertise.

Our Swiss office developed our quality assurance system which has now been replicated in all our offices around the world. Why is this important? A translation is only good if it is completely accurate. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance to us that all of our translations are 100% accurate. Our clients’ documents contain vital information, often for extremely important events in their life. They have hired us because they don’t want to take any risks. We don’t take risks either: after an order is completed by our highly qualified translators it is meticulously looked over by our proof-readers. Our project managers then review it before sending it to our client.

Our Team of Translators

Docsbase UK, along with the other Docsbase locations, employs a team of in-house translators that work full time for the company. Why do we do this? We don’t want to have to depend on fickle freelancers who cannot be held accountable for their work. We can also control the quality of our product and our completion time much more easily. We set very rigorous standards for our translators. The hiring process includes a test translation that is reviewed by our current translators and project managers. We also make sure that all the areas of expertise are covered. Our main areas of translation are: vital documents, legal, scientific, medical, educational, corporate, and financial.

As we mentioned earlier, because each of our locations employs in-house translators, we have an extremely large network to work with. For example, if the UK office does not have a Ukranian to English legal translator, but our Canada office does, we can send it to the Canadian office. Similarly, if the Canada office does not have a Romanian to English translator, they can send their documents to us. This is one of the greatest benefits of working with Docsbase!

Localisation and Formatting

Two often overlooked aspects of translating are localisation and formatting. If you are not familiar with the first team, we are not surprised. Localisation is not only translating, but adapting a text to the audience or market. The factors that go into this are the location, cultural and political factors, content expectations and more. An example of this would be translating a brochure from English to Spanish. We need to know where it is going, who is the audience, etc. Spanish is a widely spoken language with thousands of dialects and regional differences. A brochure intended for Malta, Argentina will look much different than one for Santiago, Dominican Republic. At Docsbase UK, we always localise our translations.

While formatting may not be as essential as accurately translating a document, a poorly formatted document can have very negative implications. We will retain, to the best of our ability, the translations original formatting. It is not always possible to format exactly as the original, but we will make it close. We understand that corporations and businesses need materials to look a certain way for external use. Requesting government agencies expect translations of vital documents to retain a relatively similar format to the original. This is not something you will have to worry about if you translate with Docsbase UK.


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