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Certified Translations – what are they? Do my translations need certification?

Certified translations are translations which are legalised for official use. They are signed by the translator (producing a “sworn” translation), are stamped with our unique agency stamp and are sealed to ensure they are not tampered with after certification. Certification of a document ensures that it will be accepted by any UK government institution or similar official or legal body. Our partners in Ireland (certifiedtranslations.ie) can also certify any document for use in ROI, and our Belfast offices can certify translations for use in NI – contact us today to find out more!

You will need to certify your translation if it is to be used for any legal, official or civil purposes. We will guarantee that any translation certified by us will be accepted by any UK, NI or ROI government or legal institution.


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Certified translations in London – our speciality!

We have made it our business to specialise in providing certified translations, from preparation of a document to translation of the original document and certification of the translation.

Advantages to choosing our London Translation Agency:

  1. Quality: We guarantee that any document certified by us will be accepted by any UK, NI or ROI government or legal institution.
  2. Security: Certified translation sent to you by secure courier or as a PDF in a secure, encrypted email
  3. Trust: We will provide you with a complete, clear up-front quote and will explain it to you – you will never be hit by hidden costs when you choose us for your London translation services.
  4. Speed: Return of the completed, certified document within 48 hours.
  5. Flexibility: We can provide this translation and certification service to documents in over 50 languages, including Hindi, Chinese, Arabic, French, Russian, Polish, Lithuanian and German.
  6. A UK, NI and ROI network: our partners in Belfast and Dublin can provide this service for you in Ireland and Northern Ireland.
  7. Expertise: We can advise you on the level of certification you require for your unique circumstances – at no extra cost!
  8. Convenience: Our helpdesk is open 24 hours a day, and we may not even need the original document in order to prepare the certified translation.

What type of translation certification do I need?

There are a number of different types of certified translation in the UK, which include:

  • Translator certification: the translation is signed and certified by the translator, and fixed with our unique agency stamp.
  • Notarisation / Legalisation: the translator’s signature is certified and attested by a notary, who also signs the document.
  • Apostille certification: the notary’s signature and that of the translator are authenticated by fixing to the document with the Apostille stamp of the country in which the document has originated in the Department of Foreign Affairs in that country. We will take care of this for you!

If you need further convincing on why we are the best choice for your London translation certification services, contact us today. We are waiting to help you! We will also be delighted to give you a free quite for our services, or arrange a personal consultation with one of our legal advisors who will recommend the best level of certification for your needs.


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