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If you require medical treatment in the UK but are not fluent in English, it can be a very difficult time for you. Let our London-based medical interpreters help!

We have dedicated, qualified medical interpreters based in London who have many years of experience interpreting in UK hospitals or in consultations with UK doctors and specialists. One of our medical interpreters will be there for you throughout your consultation, before and after surgery and whenever else you require them, anywhere in London. In medical interpreting it is imperative that the interpreter provides a full and accurate translation of what the medical practitioner is saying – we guarantee that all our medical interpreters have the skill and knowledge of medical terminology required to always give you the highest quality interpreting service.

Medical interpreting typically involves consecutive interpreting, but we also offer simultaneous interpreting services.


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Dedication to your service and guaranteed confidentiality

We can also arrange to have the same interpreter conduct all interpreting for you throughout the course of your treatment and in follow-up consultations, so that you have a familiar face with you through these difficult times. They will become familiar with your interpreting preferences, making things far easier on you.

As for all our services, we value our unrivalled standards of professionalism and confidentiality. We extend this service to all our medical interpreting clients.

Based in London

If you are living in London or elsewhere in the UK, you will almost certainly require medical attention at some point during you stay. If English is not your first language, medical consultations – even with a GP or family doctor – can be daunting and confusing. We are here to help! Our London-based medical translators can translate any medical document to the highest standards, replicating the original with the UK-specific medical terminology.

If you have relatives in the ROI or in NI who require medical interpretation, we highly recommend our partners in these regions – they offer the same high standards of interpreting as we are proud to offer all our clients. Contact us today for more details.


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