Consecutive Interpreting

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Consecutive interpreting involves the interpreter translating whole sections of speech after it has been spoken. Our native speaker interpreters, who are based right here in London, will listen to what is said, taking notes if necessary, and will subsequently convey the information to the client in their own language. Similarly, our London-based intepreters will convey the client’s response to the speaker in this manner. This style of interpreting is best suited to small gatherings, such as small Business Meetings or social functions. It is also the style of interpreting that is most commonly used in medical interpreting. For fast-paced discussions, seminars and large conferences, simultaneous interpreting is a more appropriate style as this allows the client to follow and participate in the conversation as it happens.

The main advantage of this style of interpreting is that it allows the interpreter to convey the information in a manner that will make the most sense for the client, rearranging the order of information to mimic the customs of the client’s native language. Additionally, the client will be able to ask the interpreter to pause and clarify points that are not clear to them – this is rarely possible in simultaneous interpreting. It is also a more personal form of interpreting, as the interpreter will be in the same room as the participants.


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Unbeatable skill and dedication

All our interpreters are unsurpassed in their skill and training. All have been fully trained in the UK in consecutive interpreting and have many years of experience interpreting in a variety of situations, from corporate meetings to social gatherings. Our interpreters only interpret into or out of the language in which they are native speakers, and are fully qualified and fluent in the second language.

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