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Get a sworn translation of your UK Birth Certificate into Romanian - Traduc?tor autorizat ambasad?

Are you submitting documents to the Romanian Embassy here in London? If so, you will need to have them translated into Romanian by a recognized sworn translator. Docsbase UK, an international translation and legalisation agency in London, specialises in translations between Romanian and English. We have in-house, sworn romanian translators with years of experience translating documents for use in Romania and for submission at the Romanian Embassy in London. The most common document we have translated over the years is the UK Birth Certificate, but we can translate anything from vital documents to corporate materials, and anything in between.

Docsbase UK, Sworn Romanian Translators and Requirements with Romanian Embassy

While British citizens may enter and stay in Romania for up to 90 days with a valid identity document, other consular services like visas, require submission of further documentation. If you are submitted your UK Birth Certificate, you will need to also submit a translation into Romanian along with it. The Romanian Embassy does not accept certified translations, instead, it requires Sworn Translations. What exactly is a sworn translation? It is essentially a translation that has been done by a recognized Romanian sworn translator. In Romanian, this person is known as a traduc?tor autorizat ambasad?. Fortunately, Docsbase UK has sworn Romanian translators on our staff. These translators, besides being officially recognized in Romania, have also gone through our rigorous training and have years of experience working in their areas of expertise.


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Romanian Vital Document Translation and other Services with Docsbase UK

The most routinely requested documents by the Romanian Embassy in London are vital documents. Often, children of Romanians that are born in the UK, have to submit vital documents like birth certificates to the Romanian Embassy in order to become a Romanian citizens or get a Romanian passport. Docsbase UK can provide quick, affordable sworn translations of any type of vital document originating from a UK government agency or, even, of vital documents in languages other than English. If you are submitting documents for a different type of purpose and you require a specific type of certification, we provide certification by Solicitor and Notary Public. We also provide Apostille and Consular Legalization services for documents with destination in a foreign country.

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