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We specialise in providing urgent, top-quality translations for the lowest prices in London.

Timing: We guarantee to have all regular documents (e.g. adoption certificates, Marriage Certificates, degree certificates etc.) completed in 24 hours, and sent out from our London translation agency within that time. If you require document certification, issued by our own in-house notary, it may take us a little longer.

Urgent translations (1-2 hours): we can translate regular documents in under 2 hours for a surcharge of £5 – 10.

Postage: please allow 1 – 2 days for postage if you request this delivery option, longer if you are outside of London.


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Quality: We specialise in legal texts. Our translators are experienced with courts, immigration, city councils not only in the UK and Ireland, but throughout Eastern Europe. Uniquely, we employ an in-house legal team, so we include the cost of proofreading legal documents into the base price –something our competitors will charge you extra for!

Price: We strive to offer the lowest prices to guarantee that you never pay over-the-odds for the highest quality translation. Our prices are the lowest of any of our competitors anywhere in London, whether you need a translation of a civil certificate, a complex legal document or a formatted website or technical document. Remember, our quality control is second-to-none.

Certified translation (Sworn) from £20 per A4 page.

Notary certification - £25,
Solicitor certification - £10.

What can affect the translation costs:

  1. Urgency, see above
  2. quality of the original (poor photocopy, low-resolution scan or illegible handwriting)
  3. solicitor certification (£10 per true copy of the original)
  4. notary certification. If client’s signature has to be certified by a notary (e.g. company registration, Power of Attorney, affidavits, etc.) this will cost £25 extra.
  5. specialist translation: Medical, literature, scientific. Your costs in these cases might increase by £5 – 10 pounds, if you wish us to hire a specialized proofreader, meaning that the translation will be checked by one of our trusted industry experts, who is additionally proficient in both languages. We also offer bulk discounts for large volumes.

You can pay by:

Bank Transfer: Available on request

Moneybookers | Webmoney | SagePay - available on request


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