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At Certified Translation Services in London we offer certified translations for immigration documentation, across a broad range of languages and zones.

We provide professional assistance that will meet any translation requirement relating to the immigration process. Additionally, our certified translation service guarantees that your documents will be accepted by the requesting British authorities.

Likewise, we are happy to offer clients advice on specific details of your immigration dealings in order to ensure that the required paperwork for your translation will be dealt with as efficiently as possible.

Certification consists in providing a translated copy of your document which is officially recognised as being a “true and accurate translation of the original document.


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Please see below for a list of documentation applicable to the immigration process:

  • Passports and other recognised travel documents
  • Financial documentation
    • Required for foreign students undertaking studies
    • Required to avail of British banking companies
    • Taking out a mortgage
  • Proof of parental consent or that of a legal guardian for minors under the age of 18.
  • Tuberculosis test results depending on your country of origin.
  • Letters from governmental departments.
  • Medical documentation- hospital letters, medical histories.
  • Criminal record checks
  • Academic certification relating to further studies or employment – Proof of English proficiency, degree diplomas.

All documents are dealt with in the strictest confidentiality and we can ratify this with confidentiality agreements.

We aim to provide a 24hour translation service for small translations when circumstances permit. Urgent translations for larger projects can also be arranged depending on language pairings and availability of translators.

For further information or queries relating to immigration documents, please contact us.


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