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Marriage Documents

Moldovan Document Translations - Marriage Certificate

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Certificat de casatorie din Republica Moldova Daca ai nevoie de o traducere rapida, de calitate si certificata, noi te putem ajuta. Preturile noastre sunt foarte competitive iar calitatea garantata. Nu ezita sa ne contactezi pentru orice intrebare.

When it comes to translating Moldovan Marriage Certificates and other documentation concerning weddings it can often be confusing and difficult to work out what actually is required. our experience and knowledge can guide you through the minefield of international documentation with low cost and a high degree of support. A wedding is complicated enough to arrange as it is without having to worry about your documentation being in the right language. And if you get married abroad then you may need to have your documents translated back into English for use in the UK too! Our prices are very competitive and include proofreading and official certification. Your documents will be signed and officially stamped. You will be assigned a dedicated project manager. Wherever your wedding, legal use of that marriage certificate in another country requires it be in the language of that country. Usually it must also be a certified translation. And since marriages are increasingly transnational, and his or her family may not speak English, you may also like to consider the translation of invitations or orders of service. To be sure what level of translation you need you should always check with the relevant authority, embassy or consulate. A certified translation means it has been performed by a professional qualified translator, and accurately reflects the original. For certified translation, each page must be stamped & signed by the translation provider. As we are a Translation Company (not an Agency - important!) - we certify in-house. When we send your certified translation you'll also receive a Certifying Letter - look after this - it's the translation's legal provenance and may be asked for. Notarised translation may be needed where more serious legal matters hinge on accurate translation, such as evidence in a civil or criminal case. To notarise a translation the translator must personally attend a Public Notary's offices, where they will swear before the Notary that they are a professionally qualified translator and that the translation is to the best of their knowledge accurate. The Notary will stamp and authorise the translation. You will receive a copy of this that you will need to keep safe as a replacement will have to be re-notarised and therefore the same cost will be involved. Notarised documents incur additional legal costs and are charged per document. Legalised translation may be required for court or civil cases outside the UK. Bureaucracy can extend significantly lead times for legalised translation, so please allow enough time. Costs vary depending on the country it is for, but we try to minimise these for you. The most common of these processes is apostilling under the Hague Convention. For any other enquiry about the translation on your Moldovan documents, please do not hesitate to contact us. Office 307, 107-111 Fleet Street, London, EC4A 2AB Tel: 07999744743 Email: | Skype: merc03g2

Moldovan Document Translations - Marriage Certificate


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