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Marriage Documents

Dutch Marriage Certificate Translation

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Our company offers you translations of a broad variety of documents from and into almost any language. We our specialised in document translation of civil documents such as passports, birth certificates and marriage certificates as well as legal contracts, diplomas and any other education document, medical documents, immigration documents etc.

Document Translation Services is a professional translation agency with offices in London, Manchester, Glasgow, Belfast, Dublin and Cork. We are specialised in translation, legalisation and preparation of official documents into and from almost any foreign language. All of our translators are native speakers and have years of experience in the field of translation. If you need to legalise your document, our staff in the UK and in the Republic of Ireland will advise you on the most efficient way to certify a document you want to use in a foreign country.

Do you need your Dutch marriage certificate translated into English?

Is your marriage certificate issued in another country? Do you need a professional translation from your Dutch marriage certificate or any marriage document into English? We are here to help you! Your document will be translated by a specialised translator who is familiar with the specific terminology that is used in civil documents.

We offer these services in Manchester, London, Glasgow, Belfast, Cork and Dublin. Please send a scan of your document to or come to one of our offices for a quote of the translation.

Dutch Marriage Certificate Translation


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Document Translations is a specialised Translation Company focused on Certified Document Translations as well as notary and legalisation services.

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