French Academic Transcript Translation in London

French Academic Transcript Translation in London

Are you looking for a certified translation of your French academic transcript? An accredited translation agency Docsbase, with offices in London and Dublin, is your best choice. We deliver the highest quality translations for the best price.

French Academic Transcript Certified Translation in London

academic transcript, also known as a marks transcript or academic record, is an official list of all subjects and grades achieved in each year of study at a university. The academic transcript can be requested by your future employer or when applying for further studies at a university in the UK. If your academic transcript is required, you will need to obtain a certified translation by an accredited translation body in the UK. As an accredited translation company, our certified translations are accepted thorough the UK, Europe and beyond. Our translations are certified for no additional cost and carry the official stamps and seal of our company, as well as an attached certification page.

Translations for the Education Sector in London

We create the most accurate translations taking into consideration cultural and educational differences between France and the UK. Our translators and proof-readers are knowledgeable and have up to date information about the educational systems in both countries. We always make sure that our translations are adjusted and comprehensible for a UK reader.

In-house French Translators in London and Dublin Offices

Our company Docsbase only co-operates with qualified professional translators. What truly sets us apart from other translation agencies is our in-house team of French translators many of whom are native French speakers. This helps us to always deliver the highest linguistic quality of French translations as any linguistic issues can be immediately discussed and resolved within our team of experts.

If you are interested in a free quote, please send us an email to: or use our online quotation form. Any questions regarding the translation of your French academic transcript can be answered by speaking to one of our project managers on 07999744743 or by visiting us in person at our London office (Office 307, 107-111 Fleet Street, London, EC4A 2AB).


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