Certified translation of French documents for application for British Citizenship

Certified translation of French documents for application for British Citizenship

Have you decided to apply for British Citizenship and you need to provide the whole supporting documentation in English? A leading translation service provider Docsbase, based in London, can help you with certified translations of your French documentation into English. Our certified translations are accepted by the Home Office and other government bodies in the UK.

Any document that you have in French such as a Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Death Certificate, passport, French national identity card, or other necessary documents, must be translated into English and the translation has to be certified.

Certified translation from French into English in London

Our certified translation includes the full name and contact details of the representative of Docsbase, the date of the translation and it confirms in writing that it is a ‘true and accurate translation of the original document’. The translated document also bears a seal and stamps of our company. This is a standard and official certified translation in the UK which meets the criteria of the UK government.

Quality certified translations in London

Certified translations by Docsbase are accurate translations, which is why we are willing to spend additional time researching ambiguous terms or discuss the best translation solution within our linguistic team. One of our rules is to keep the formatting of translations as close as possible to the original document to make our certified translations easy to follow and presentable. A thorough proofreading of each document is a must. All of these steps ensure that certified translations from Docsbase are accurate, correct and therefore accepted within the UK, EU and beyond.

Native French translators and in-house French translator!

We offer professional highest-quality certified translations and to always achieve so, we cooperate with experienced and qualified French native translators with an in-depth knowledge of French and English. In addition, we have several French translators in-house, including a native French translator in our Dublin office.

Certified photocopies of original French documents in London

Do you need a certified photocopy of your French document? Docsbase in London is able to help you with this service as well. We provide certified photocopies of original documents in our London office in quick and confidential manner.

For a certified translation of your French document into English, please contact us by email or phone. To get a free quote please use our online quoting system. Tel: 07999744743; email: london@docsbase.com; address: Office 307, 107-111 Fleet Street, London, EC4A 2AB.


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