1. How to place your translation enquiry during Covid 19

Our translation office in Fleet Street, London is happy to help you with any translation request and its evaluation. No matter how far you are located, we will ensure that your translation is done quickly and at the highest possible quality level. We will provide an exact free Quote for you within 20 mins from the time your request is received. Save your time: you do not need to come in person for initial consultation; just ask us for the assessment providing as detailed description of your order as you can. Email us scans or clear photocopies of the documents that you need to translate and we will assess them within minutes. We will give you further instruction how to proceed. If there is still a need to come in person, we will ask you to do so only after the quote is discussed and agreed online via our website.

Same great service – now online!

So many things can be done now online! You are only several clicks away from having your order assessed and delivered without leaving the comfort of your home. Certified translations in Central London will send a soft copy with completed translation to your email address and the hard copy to the preferred postal address of your choice for delivery. If you prefer to collect it yourself, we are always happy to see our clients in our London office reception at the following address…. Our main goal is to execute your order faster and more efficiently but with less effort and waste of time on your side.

It is a difficult time for everyone, but even in the pandemic conditions our Translation company offers the fastest possible order execution thanks to our state of art service system allowing to engage the best experts all over the world and simultaneously communicate with thousands of our specialists. Placing the order is a 3 simple step process: email , get a free quote , carry out a payment. We will take care of the rest. We offer direct and easy access to our Certified translations office online or in person and we commit to fast and high quality translations as we did before COVID19 outbreak.

Urgent translations. Can they be still done?

In case your order is urgent – we can offer a one day delivery. It depends on the language and the size of the document submitted for translation. Place your order in the morning, indicating your name, email address, target language, document type and notarisation requirements, and receive the soft copy of the certified translation same day in the afternoon or collect same day in the afternoon from our Reception. Certified translations office is working in the Business as Usual regime and we welcome our clients whether they are visiting us on-line or in person.



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