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Do you need a contract or any other legal document translated from German to English or vice-versa? Docsbase UK, a leading translation and legalisation agency located in London, specialises in translations between German and English. We are an international company with locations across North America and Europe. Each of our offices is staffed with in-house translators and every one of these translators has an area of expertise. Our German legal team at our London office is one of our most experienced, offering the most accurate translations at the quickest completion times.

Contract Translations for use in London and abroad

While accuracy is generally the single most important characteristic of a quality translation, it is particularly important when it comes to contract translation. This is due to two reasons: (1) contracts use very specific terminology that needs to remain consistent throughout the entirety of the document. Our translators are extremely knowledgeable on the phrasing and vocabulary used in virtually all types of contracts. Whether the translation is going into German or into English, our clients will never have to worry about the correct usage of specialized terminology. (2) The second reason accuracy carries so much importance is because the slightest error in a contract translation can have enormous effects on the contract itself. It can even void the contract itself. A void contact means that the agreed terms are not valid, effectively absolving the parties of their previous commitment or responsibilities. Don’t let a poor translation be the reason your contract is not valid.


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Document Certification and Legalisation Services for German language documents

Docsbase UK offers the most comprehensive services for German documents. While our standard certification is accepted throughout the UK and abroad, certain scenarios may require a specific certification. We offer certifications by Solicitor and by Notary Public and because we have established partnerships with both, we can provide these services at the most-affordable prices. Docsbase also provides Apostile and Consular Legalisation services if you document should require it. Our convenience, prices and quality set us apart from the other translation services.

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