Catalan Translation Services in London

Do you need to have your Catalan Birth Certificate or Catalan Diploma translated into English? Look no further! Docsbase with its office in London has a database of experienced native Catalan translators ready at your disposal to deliver you bespoke document translation services, with a quick turnaround time and at competitive prices. With an in-house Catalan/Spanish translator in our London office, you are in the right place for your Catalan translation order.

Catalan to English Certified Translation Services in London

Docsbase provides certified Catalan translations of almost any document from a Birth Certificate to a legal contract. Certified Catalan translations from Docsbase London are accepted by authorities within the EU and beyond. Our native Catalan translators are qualified and experienced so you can rest assure that your certified translation is in good hands.

Catalan to English Translation Services in London

Over the years our company has dealt with Catalan into English translation of various documents including birth certificates, marriage and divorce certificates, death certificates, driving licences, Diplomas, medical reports, criminal record checks, and bank statements just to name a few.


We only work with the best linguists around the world, ensuring 100% quality and unbeatable completion time

Catalan to other languages in London

While there are many available translators between Catalan and Spanish, finding a qualified translator between Catalan and other languages can be a bit of a challenge. Thanks to our own database of translators, Docsbase London offers Catalan translation into a number of other languages besides English including French, German or Russian.

Catalan to English Medical Translation Services in London

Catalan medical translation is a niche area which falls among one of Docsbase London’s specialisations. Our medical Catalan translators have developed experience in the medical field including many years of translation experience. We are able to deliver medical translation of the following documents: medical reports and letters, patient records, questionnaires, hospital discharge letters and more.

Catalan to English Legal Translation Services in London

Docsbase in London provides professional legal translations between Catalan and English. This includes translations of contracts, powers of attorney, sworn statements, judgments or other legal documents. Our Catalan translators specialising in the legal area have many years of experience under their belts and we can rely upon them delivering the best possible quality.

Catalan to English Educational Translation Services in London

Are you looking for a translation of your Catalan diploma or a Catalan qualification certificate into English? If you chose Docsbase’ translation services you can be sure that your diploma or certificate will have the same formatting as the original and it will be delivered in short period of time for a very reasonable price.

Catalan Interpreting Services in London

If you need a Catalan interpreter in London, please get in touch with us by email or phone so we can discuss your needs.



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