Legal Services - preparation of documents in Ireland

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Legal Services - preparation of documents in Ireland

Based out of Dublin, Certified Translation Services Ireland is an international translation and legalisation agency. Not only do we do this, but we also offer document preparation services to our clients. As part of our job, we work closely with solicitors, notaries public, and other legal professionals in Ireland and abroad. We have years of experience advising our clients on how to prepare documents contracts and other paperwork for things like marriage, immigration, business, travel, and other purposes.

Documents that Certified Translation Services can prepare

We do not just translate legal documents; we also specialise in the preparation of documents. If you need to use a document abroad, we will draft the document for you according to the requirements of the country you are sending them to. Document type will also vary depending on what type of agency you are submitting documents to. We also craft every document according to the requirements set by the requesting institution or agency. After we have completed the order, we will arrange for notary certification, document translation and, usually, an apostille. In some cases, an apostille may not be sufficient. If the country to which you are submitting your documents is not part of The Hague Convention, a consular legalisation will be required. Don’t worry, we can help you through this process. We will always take into account any special requirements you might have regarding the preparation of the document.


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Here is a list of some of the legal documents where routinely draft: Power of Attorney, Consent forms, Affidavits, immigration forms, Quit Claim Deeds, wills, and more.

We can also help you fill out forms that may be in different languages. These types of things include questionnaires, insurance related contracts, visa applications, visa invitations and more.

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Document preparation in English alone can be intimidating. If you are dealing with legal matters abroad, it can be a nightmare. We have trusted professionals that are familiar with the requirements of dozens of foreign countries. We have affiliated offices across Europe and North America that we communicate with regularly. The majority of our staff, not even including our translators, speak at least three languages and have considerable experience living in foreign countries. Contact Certified Translation Services today to see how we can help assist you. Make sure to provide is with as much information as you can so that we may properly advise you.


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