Interpreting Service in London, Belfast and Dublin

We are proud to represent a network of professional, fully qualified translators who live and work in the thriving capital cities of London, Belfast and Dublin! Our London interpreters are all native speakers with extensive knowledge of the capital city and its financial and business markets. Our Dublin interpreters are as friendly and approachable as any native Dubliner, and are all fully qualified native speakers. Our Belfast interpreters have lived in this great city for many years, serving the interpreting needs of all citizens of Belfast.

Because we are located on these three vibrant cities, we can perfectly co-ordinate your interpreting needs across Belfast, Dublin and London. If you require an interpreting in a language which does not have a great demand in either of these cities, we can provide one for you from our London head office! If you require an interpreter for more than five days, this will incur no extra costs to you – not even travel! This is also true should you require any of our Dublin translators in Belfast or vice versa – we will cover all travel expenses! For the best value for money and professional service, choose us for all your ROI, NI and UK interpreting needs.


We only work with the best linguists around the world, ensuring 100% quality and unbeatable completion time

Flexibility and Dedication

All our interpreters live in the cities in which they work, meaning that they are on-hand whenever and wherever in London, Belfast and Dublin you need them. Within just one hour, we can have a professional interpreter ready to help you, in any situation. All are fully trained in a variety of interpretation techniques and styles including simultaneous and consecutive interpreting, and have full access to and experience with the latest interpreting equipment – all of which we provide as standard.

Professionalism and Courtesy

All our interpreters work exclusively in their native language, and all are personally hand-picked by us for their extensive experience and innate skill. We have a comprehensive interpreter training programme to ensure we supplement their already extensive qualifications. This level of expertise means that all our interpreters can handle interpreting in any situation. Just some of our specialist fields include:

  • Interpreting for events
    Whether you are hosting a multinational and multicultural social event, such as a wedding, christening or charity fundraiser, we have the interpreters for you. All our interpreters are skilled in interpretation of colloquialisms and dialects into the best equivalent in the target language, making them perfectly suited to interpret at social and informal gatherings
  • Interpreting for business functions
    In today’s global community, many business with have subsidiaries or offices in countries which speak different languages. This can make business functions such as large corporate meetings or multidisciplinary and multinational team-building events difficult. We can help! All our London, Belfast and Dublin interpreters have extensive experience in interpreting for business gatherings, from formal meetings to informal gatherings. They are all well-versed in the terminology used in business and financial settings for both the original and target language. You can be sure that when you use our interpreters you will receive the most accurate interpretation – we’ll make sure you’re never embarrassed by mistakes in interpretation.
  • Delegation meetings
    All our interpreters are skilled in translating for diplomatic gatherings and delegations, being fully fluent in the political and diplomatic terminology and vocabulary used in settings as important and influential as the UN and European Union. If you need professional, confidential and trust-worthy interpreters for diplomatic delegations or visits by foreign diplomats to either London, Belfast or Dublin, look no further – why not contact us today to see how we can serve you.
  • Conferences
    We have a select team of interpreters in London, Belfast and Dublin who specialise in interpreting for scientific, medical, business, financial and legal conferences. They are all extremely competent in the use of the terminology that is specific to the field in which they translate. Make sure you can follow every word at every conference – choose one of our specialist interpreters today!
  • Private Visits - Guides, Medical consultations and Legal consultations
    If you, a colleague or a foreign diplomat you are hosting is visiting our shores, why not have one of interpreters act as a guide for you in our beautiful cities? All our London, Belfast and Dublin interpreters have lived in these cities for many years so have extensive local knowledge which will be invaluable to you on your visit – make the most of your stay here, allow one of us to guide you.

We have a dedicated medical interpreter team and team of legal interpreters who interpret exclusively for medical and legal consults, respectively. Whether you live in London, Belfast or Dublin but are not yet familiar enough with our language or you are a visitor here, we can help you understand everything that is said to you in any medical or legal consultation you should encounter here.

Contact us today – our interpreters will speak to you in your language and be delighted to answer any queries you may have.



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