5 Reasons to choose us

1. Certified translation. If you need a certified translation of a document, you just need to contact us by email or by calling our office number and you will have a quick reply to your needs and a free quote. It is guaranteed that your translation will be accepted by any institution in the UK and EU and that is because we provide official professional translations and we are ITI members, which gives us the recognition of all the institutions and bodies like Home Office, Passport Office, ACCA, GMC, GDC, NARIC, Court of Laws, Universities and Colleges, employers.


We only work with the best linguists around the world, ensuring 100% quality and unbeatable completion time

2. Fastest turnaround time. You can have your document translated in less than 24h, so if you need it for a special occasion, such as an interview or a journey, our consultants will do their best to offer you the best service in terms of time. Our normal turnaround for small documents (less than 2000 words) is of 24 hours, however, in many cases, customers request the translation to be ready in 2 hours, which we can normally do. We have completed big projects in record time, without sacrificing the quality of the translation. We can do that because we are professionals and we deal with any translation project, no matter how big or small, with the same professionalism and dedication, and our goal is to have always satisfied clients.

3. Best quality due to our native speaker consultants and translators. Many of our employees are qualified and fluent in more than one language and they are selected in order to give you the best quality on the market. We only assign translations to the native speaker of the target language, and make sure that they are fluent in the source language. All our translator not only have studies in prestigious Universities across the world, but they have also passed tough exams for qualification as translators. And we make the selection of translators ourselves, we do not rely on agencies to recruit our staff.

4. Most competitive prices. We don't offer you just a translation, but also a certification page which allows you to use it abroad UK and in courts. Just email us your document and you'll receive a free quote for the translation. Prices start from £20, for standard one page documents, and that includes the certification. For documents that are not standard, or that are handwritten, prices will differ, but only slightly. The best way to get a quote is to just email us your document. We do offer discounts for quantity, and we also charge per word for bigger orders.

5. 100% Positive feedback from our customers. Would you like to know what our customer think about us? Just visit our website and read the comment in our testimonial list. These are customers that have translated their documents with us and wanted to share their thoughts with the rest of the people interested in translations. Who can give a better feedback than our own customers?

If you have any further question, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Call us on 07999744743 or e-mail us on london@docsbase.com



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