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Birth Certificates

Birth Certificates

British Birth Certificate Translation into Romanian

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Una dintre procedurile frecvente cu care avem de-a face este traducerea Certificatului de Nastere Britanic in limba romana in vederea obtinerii unui pasaport sau a certificatului de nastere romanesc pentru copiii nascuti in Marea Britanie. Avem traducator autorizat, agreat de Ambasada Romaniei, pentru a traduce documentul si putem desemenea apostilla documentul, daca nu il aveti deja apostillat. Consultantii nostril va pot da oricand informatii suplimentare privind aceasta procedura, si va pot sfatui in legatura cu alte proceduri.

One of our common procedures is translating Birth Certificate issued in UK for its use at the Romanian Embassy / Consulate. If your child was born in the UK, you’ll probably need to obtain a passport for him/her. We deal with this procedure very often and our consultants know exactly what needs to be done; they can advise you about the costs and they can answer any supplementary questions you might have. So, if you want to translate your English Birth certificate into Romanian, we are the right company. We have translators that are fully authorised by the Romanian Embassy and they can prepare the certified translation for you in a very short time. So contact us by phone on 07572508097 (Romanian) or 07999744743 (English) or by email at Alternatively, you can come to our office at Office 307, 107-111 Fleet Street, London, EC4A 2AB.

British Birth Certificate Translation into Romanian


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