Slovak Translation Services in London

Located in central London with a walk-in office, Docsbase provides a vast array of translation services from Slovak into English and vice versa. No matter how big or small your project is our company provides an excellent translation service at a competitive price.

Slovak into English Translation

Over the years we have created our own database of qualified and reliable Slovak English translators that we co-operate with on a daily basis. Moreover, we also have at present an in-house Slovak native translator in our London office, who is responsible for most of the final proofreading and is able to communicate with you in Slovak or Czech should you prefer.

Slovak into English Document Translation

Docsbase offers cost-effective translation solutions. Thanks to many years of experience we have created templates of the most common official documents which enable us to control costs without comprising the quality of our translations or the speed at which they are done.


We only work with the best linguists around the world, ensuring 100% quality and unbeatable completion time

When translating documents we keep the formatting as close as possible to the original, including translation of stamps or any handwritten information on the document.

Listed below is just a brief summary of the documents that we translate on a routine basis:

  • marriage certificates, Birth Certificates, ID cards, driving licenses (delivery within one business day);
  • Various education documents: diplomas, leaving exam certificates, curriculums;
  • Divorce documents (e.g. divorce judgment, divorce decree etc.);
  • Real estate documents (e.g. Extract from the Title Deed, Title search);
  • Certificates of Celibacy, Certificates of Naturalisation;
  • Criminal Record Extracts.

Slovak into English General Translation

General text does not include any technical or linguistically challenging terminology and is therefore, relatively speaking, „easier“ to translate. It includes personal letters, emails or other day-to-day text.

Slovak into English Medical Translation

Medical translation is a very specialised and highly technical field which requires a translator with adequate experience. Our Slovak into English medical translations are done by translators familiar with both Slovak and English medical terminology and language. Some of the most common documents that we translate in this area are: medical reports, discharge reports, and medical leaflets/pamphlets.

Slovak into English Legal Translation

Similar to medical translation, legal translation is highly specialised field and requires a professional translator with several years of experience. Our most common Slovak into English legal translations include: contracts, judgments, confidential/privileged documents, witness statements, expert evidence, and Court orders.

Other Slovak into English Specialised Translations

We provide translation services for a number of other specialised fields including: technical, business/finance,marketing, and advertising. We are confident that we can assist with translation projects in any specialised field, and we are happy to discuss our particular expertise in a given area before quoting for a project.

Slovak into English Certified Translation

All of our Slovak into English translations are certified, which means the translation includes our company’s seal, official stamp, and a certification page meeting the requirements of the UK authorities listed below. The certification will verify:

That the translation is a ‘true and accurate translation of the original document’
The date of the translation
The full name and contact details of a representative of the translation company

Our company is a Corporate Member of the Institute of Translators and Interpreters (ITI) and all our work is fully certified and accepted by all major institutions throughout the EU and beyond.

Legalisation of the Documents

We provide legalisation of original and translated documents in English.

English into Slovak Sworn Translation

We co-operate with a number of Slovak sworn translators appointed by the Ministry of Justice of the Slovak Republic and we are therefore able to provide sworn translations (Slovak: "súdny preklad") that meet all Slovak legal requirements.

Slovakia is one of the European countries where a sworn translation is legally required for the translation to be used within the Slovak Republic; the Act of the Slovak Republic No. 382/2004 Coll. on Experts, Interpreters and Translators Authorities requires that the Slovak Republic only accept translations which are translated by a sworn translator (Slovak: "súdny prekladate?").

Slovak Interpreting Services

If you require Slovak interpretation services, please contact our office to discuss your needs and requirements.

English into Slovak Website Translation and Localisation

Whether your company is expanding its businesses into Slovakia or you simply wish to attract more Slovak customers by having a website in their native language, Docsbase has the experience to assist you.

English into Slovak website translation is done exclusively by Slovak native translators and is then proofread by another Slovak native translator to ensure a perfectly smooth final product. If your website is more complex or you require localisation please contact our Project Managers to discuss your project's needs.

Transcription services, subtitles translation services

Our transcription service involves listening to raw audio and converting it into text (either in the native language of the audio or translated if required). We offer this service for any audio or video materials, no matter what length or subject matter.



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