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Translating and interpreting internships in London Are linguistics a passion of yours? Are you studying on a translation or interpretation course, or have some relevant skills and experience? Apart from fluency in English, are you a native speaker of another language? If you would like to start a professional career in translating or interpreting and think you have got what it takes, get in touch with London Document Translation Services.

We are looking for young, motivated individuals to join our team on an internship basis, which if successful may turn into a permanent collaboration. What we expect We need you to be motivated and well-organised. You may be expected to deal with our customers, so you need to possess good communication skills in English and a pleasant manner. You are required to remain polite and professional at all times, especially if your main interest is interpreting. You also need efficient organisational skills. You must be able to plan your work while dealing with our orders, and always meet the established deadlines.


We only work with the best linguists around the world, ensuring 100% quality and unbeatable completion time

Moreover, you should be hungry for knowledge! You need to keep an open mind and possess the desire to always learn new things, always look for ways to perform better and improve the standards of your work. Language is a living thing, it changes and adapts constantly, so you need to keep your finger on the pulse to ensure your skills and vocabulary remain up-to-date. It is also desirable to develop an interest in a particular field, like financial, medical or technical translations or interpretations, to focus on the area in question and slowly develop an expertise in the matter.

This will really come in handy for your future professional translating or interpreting career. What you will receive You will be presented with a great opportunity to gain valuable, practical experience and build-up your translating or interpreting portfolio. The process will help you develop the skills required in the industry, as well as prepare you better for any professional qualifications you may pursue in the future. Finally, it will give you a real taste of what it means to work as a translator on a daily basis. Great references will be given upon successful completion of the internship. Get in touch If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity, e-mail us at info@docsbase com, including London internship in the title. Tell us a little bit about yourself, your skills and experience and how you think the internship with us would benefit you. Don't forget to include your contact details, so we can get in touch if we think you are the right candidate for our talented, enthusiastic team!



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