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How to translate your diploma and other educational documents with Certified Translation Services

Certified Translation Services is an international translation and legalisation agency that provides the most affordable and accurate translations in Ireland. Our speciality is the translation of personal and educational documents. If you are Irish and looking to studying abroad, we can provide certified translations of all your educational documents. The same goes for foreigners who are looking to study in Ireland. Dublin is quickly becoming an international work and study destination. We are familiar with the requirements and standards set by the educational institutions and we are happy to help foreign applicants meet them. Keep reading to find out more about how we can assist you.

Translating educational documents with Certified Translation Services

You need your Diploma to be translated to use it abroad? Need it to be translated for immigration, legal, professional, or any other reasons? We can also provide Solicitor or Notary certification and apostille it if needed. We are one of the premier translation companies around and have years of experience working in Ireland.

We specialize in translating Diplomas, transcripts, resumes, cover letters, letters of recommendation and more. Whether you are applying to a university or to an employer, it is extremely important that you get professional, certified translations. If needed, we can provide a Solicitor or Notary certification or apostille.


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Our company offers certified translations of any personal documents. We offer certified translations in a short period of time! We have translators, who work for us full-time, so your Diploma can be translated immediately.

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What are you waiting for? It is always a good idea to prepare documents well in advance of the deadlines set by universities. You never know what problems can arise when working across borders. If you need urgent service, we can translate on a quicker timetable, but we may charge slightly extra for that. Let us know what you need. Send us an e-mail with as much information as you can give us and your document. We will respond in minutes with a quote and timeline. We are excited to help you in your next big move!


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