Official Translations in Ireland

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Official Translations in Ireland

Certified Translation Services in Dublin offers the most affordable and accurate translation service in Ireland. Translation, Certification and Legalization of Documents is our specialty! We do not translate anything else but documents – contracts, Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates, court decisions, criminal records, Tax Review etc.

We are proud to say that our company is the most experienced, the fastest and most efficient Translation Company in this field in Ireland. Our specialists in certified document translations can do it in any language combinations and can organize your documents to be authenticated in Ireland or anywhere else in the world. We offer the best price, service and turnaround time. After dealing with us once, our clients do not look anywhere else. Our documents translations are accepted worldwide. We provide legal translations of any official documents which you may use for immigration, legal, professional, academic or other reasons.


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YOU CAN DO ALL YOUR CERTIFIED TRANSLATIONS HERE. We will provide the notary certification and apostille of your documents, if required. In most cases you will not need to attend our office we can do all translations online. You can scan and email your document to us, we translate and post it to you. All our translators are certified and registered with the Translators & Interpreters Associations.

Certification, legalisation and other services in Ireland

Do you need certification or legalisation services as well? We can subsequently certify the translated document, if required. Please check with relevant authorities whether the translated version you are submitting must also be legally certified by notary public or solicitor. If you document is need for official use in a foreign country, we can help you get an apostille or consular legalisation. This is a two in one service that we can provide at a discount. Note, we also provide discounts on large jobs and with repeating customers. We value your loyalty.

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