Notary Public and Solicitor Certification in Ireland

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Notary Public and Solicitor Certification in Ireland

Certified Translation Services in Dublin offers the highest quality translations in Ireland. Do you need a certified translation? Did you know only a certified translation can be considered as an official translation of documents. All our translations are certified and accepted for use in Ireland. That being said, some documents may require special certification or legalisation. If you know exactly what you need, let us know and we can provide you the service. If you are unsure about what type of certification or legalisation you will need, we can analyse the documents for you. We can then prepare your documents in a way they meet the requirements of authorities where they are to be submitted.

Some documents may require certification by notary public and still others might need certification by solicitor. This is absolutely no problem. We work with both notaries public and solicitors on a daily basis and can provide an excellent price for both of these services.


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Unsure as to what a certified copy is? Certified copies are copies of original documents that have been verified and signed by one of the professional persons listed below:

  • member of the judiciary, a senior civil servant, or a serving police or customs officer;
  • an officer of an embassy, consulate or high commission of the country of issue;
  • a lawyer, notary public, actuary, accountant or company secretary who is a member of a recognised professional body;

Our Company has a proven track record in providing professional certified translation services translation that has been formally verified for official use. Some documents that may require certified translation include:

Don’t worry if your document is not on the previous list. We can translate anything and everything. Most translations can be done in only a day or two. If you are in urgent need of a translation, we can accommodate even tighter deadlines, but we may charge extra depending on the situation. Call or e-mail us today to find out how to get a certified translation!


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