Spanish Power of Attorney Translation in London

Spanish Power of Attorney Translation in London

Docsbase, based in central London, provides the highest quality translation services between Spanish and English for a reasonable cost. Our company specialises in certified legal translations, so with our professional team of experts, you can rest assure that your Spanish power of attorney is in good hands.

A power of attorney (in Spanish: Poder Especial), also known as a letter of attorney, is a written legal document authorising another person to act on your behalf in private, business or legal matters. When you wish to use your Spanish power of attorney in the UK, it must be translated into English and certified by an accredited UK translation company, such as Docsbase in London.

Spanish into English Legal Translations

Docsbase has a deep experience in legal translations from Spanish into English and vice versa. Our team of expert Spanish translators have a particular expertise in legal translations and are knowledgeable about Spanish and UK legal systems. All our legal translations are certified for no additional cost and are accepted for any legal purposes all over the UK and EU.

In-house Native Spanish Translator in London

Not only we cooperate with the best native Spanish translators with legal expertise, Docsbase has its own team of in-house Spanish translators in London and Dublin branches, including a native Spanish translator and project manager. Pablo Velazquez is our bilingual operations manager working in our London office and he is happy to speak to you in Spanish if you have any queries about a translation of your document.

Quality Certified Translation of Power of Attorney

A power of attorney can be written in a standardised form, however, we at Docsbase in London, treat each translation of a power of attorney just like any other legal translation, carefully translating every detail of the document with the highest attention to detail, as there are considerable variations in different formats. We are aware that even the slightest misinterpretation can have a legal impact, that’s why we never compromise the quality. With that in mind, thanks to our elaborate system, we can still manage to deliver your certified translation of Spanish power of attorney within one day.

For a certified translation of your Spanish power of attorney, please contact us by email or phone. To get a free quote please use our online quoting system. Tel: 07999744743; email:; address: Office 307, 107-111 Fleet Street, London, EC4A 2AB.


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