Certified translation of Greek documents for the UK residence card in London

Certified translation of Greek documents for the UK residence card in London

Have you decided to apply for a Permanent Residence Card to become a permanent resident in the UK? Then you will most certainly need to provide official certified translations of your Greek documents and certificates in English. We are a translation company Docsbase, based in London, and over the years we have helped many of our Greek clients with translations of their various documents. If you would like to become one of our satisfied customers keep reading.

Certified translation from Greek into English for a PR Card in London

The Home Office has a set of specific requirements for a certified translation and will not accept just any translation. Certified translations by Docsbase are recognised and accepted by the Home Office. We are a Corporate Member of professional associations ATA (American Translators Association) and ITI (Institute Of Translation and Interpreting). Thanks to that our Greek to English certified translations are valid all over the UK, EU and beyond.

Greek to English certified translation in London

Our long experience has taught us that the best way to go about translation of a Greek birth or marriage certificate is to work with qualified and experienced Greek native translators. In our database, we have several reliable native Greek translators who are ready to translate your document with the highest level of accuracy and in the shortest time possible. The usual time frame is one to two working days, depending on the length of the document and number of documents. Our translation company can handle urgent translation from Greek into English of a large volume of documents. If you are in a hurry, just let us know, and our team of talented project managers will do their magic to meet your strict deadline.

Certified copy of your original Greek document in London

Our translation company also assists clients with certified photocopies of their original documents. We have observed that our customers often need quick certified copies of their originals. It is convenient for them to have everything done under one roof. And we can do it according to their requirements – quickly and safely, from our London office.

For a certified translation of your Greek document into English, please contact us by email or phone. To get a free quote please use our online quoting system. Tel: 07999744743; email: london@docsbase.com; address: Office 307, 107-111 Fleet Street, London, EC4A 2AB.


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