Certified Translation of Criminal Record Check in London

Certified Translation of Criminal Record Check in London

Leading translation company, Docsbase with its offices in London and Dublin, provides professional legal translation services, including certified translations of Criminal Record Checks into English and other languages with a very quick turnaround time and for the most competitive prices.

There are numerous reasons why you might need a certified translation of your Criminal Record Check. The most common are seeking a new employment, application for residency, visa or green card. Whatever the reason, we are here to help you to get your certified translation of Criminal Record Check smoothly and fast.

Certified translation of overseas Criminal Record Check into English

In order to officially use the Criminal Record Check issued in your home country, you will need to obtain a certified translation. Our company Docsbase is specialising in certified translations and we manage translations of Criminal Record Checks on a daily basis. Such a translation will include our official stamp and seal as well as a certification page stating all the relevant information for a certified translation. As a Corporate Member of ITI and ATA we are confident that our certified translations are accepted by all major institutions in the EU and beyond.

List of overseas Criminal Record Checks that we translate the most often:

Bulletin n°3 (Extrait de Casier Judiciaire)

Certificate of Convictions (Certificado de Antecedentes Penales)

Certificate of No-Criminal Record (???????)

(Certificado do Registo Criminal)

Pending Prosecutions Certificate (Certificato dei carichi pendenti) or Criminal Record Certificate (Certificato del Casellario giudiziale)

Certificate of Conduct (Führungszeugnis)

Notice of Conviction or No Conviction (??????? ? ??????? (??????????) ?????????)

Information about a person extracted from The National Criminal Register (Informacja o osobie z Krajowego Rejestru Karnego)

Criminal Records Certificate (Certificat de Cazier Judiciar)

Penal Record Copy (????????? ???????? ??????/Antigrafo Pinikou Mitroou)

Certificate of Good Conduct (Hatósági Erkölcsi Bizonyítvány)

Extract of Criminal Record (Opis z Rejst?íku Trest?)

Extract from the Criminal Record (Výpis z registra trestov) Full Copy of Criminal Record (Odpis registra trestov)

Extract from the Criminal Records Registry (Utdrag ur Belastningsregistret)

Translation of the UK Police Certificate into other languages

Docsbase also provides certified translations of Police Certificates issued in the UK into other languages including French, Spanish, Russian, German, Italian and more.

For a certified translation of your Criminal Records Check, please contact us by email or phone. To get a free quote please use our online quoting system. Tel: 07999744743; email: london@docsbase.com; address: Office 307, 107-111 Fleet Street, London, EC4A 2AB.


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