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I have started working in 'Certified translations' company in the cosmopolitan city of London after my Translation and Interpreting studies bachelor degree. This company has a 10-years experience working in this industry and so this guarantees it can offer you the best service in terms of quality and time. With the course of the years, 'Certified translations' has hired native speakers translators with qualified experience and for the newly graduated has offered internships in their office to gain experience in the industry and deal for the first time with all the aspects of working in a busy translations company.


We only work with the best linguists around the world, ensuring 100% quality and unbeatable completion time

I think it would be interesting for the customers to hear the viewpoint of a person who works everyday in this environment: just employed, I was immediately impressed by the professionalism and the speed of the work. In fact, you can have the translation of all the documents that you need in less than 24h, you just need to contact our office or send an email and explain what you need. Our professional staff would be available to help in every situation; thanks to the close collaboration between staff and translators, 'Certified translations' in London is able to offer you the most competitive prices and the fastest turnaround times. Many of our employees are qualified and fluent in more than one language, so we are delighted to offer you the widest range of languages in the translation of personal documents, medical documents, educational documents, professional documents, technical, financial, IT and others with a valid certification. This guarantees that our services are always the most comprehensive of any on offer. Moreover, in order to have the best quality, we always proofread the translated documents.

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