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Marriage Document Translations with Certified Translation Services

Certified Translation Services offers the most affordable and accurate prices for certified translations in Ireland. Based out of Dublin, we are an international translation agency that specialises in the translation of vital documents. One of our most routinely translated documents is the marriage certificate and other documents related to the process of getting married.

How to translate marriage documents with Certified Translation Services

If you are planning a wedding abroad it is particularly important that you obtain all the necessary documents before you leave. In most situations you will require a Single Status Declaration and notarized copies of official documents and various pieces of identification such as your birth certificate and if you are divorced, your divorce certificate.


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In addition, foreign authorities will likely require that these notarized copies be authenticated and legalized by the appropriate authorities before they are accepted in the foreign country.

To get married in Ireland, if you are of a foreign nationality, you are required to produce a series of documents, including the translation of your and your spouse’s Birth Certificate.To make sure that all your papers are ready to be accepted by the Registry office, we can help you translate them!

Understanding the urgent needs during the summer months of June, July, August and September, we can do your birth certificates or marriage certificates at a reduced rate!

We are a registered and certified translation Company that specialises in these kind of documents, and we can make sure that your translated papers will meet the standards required by the Registry Office so you can stop worrying and enjoy your big day!

We are help you get all the documents you need so your wedding papers are all in check!

Why use Certified Translations in Ireland

Our expertise means that our team can navigate the complex and often time consuming steps involved in ensuring that your documents are properly prepared for use in a foreign country, so that you don’t have to. Let our timely and professional service take the stress out of preparing for your wedding abroad. We also have interpreters available if you need them, at a reduced rate so you can have no problems in saying the words “I DO” in any language!

A marriage certificate is given to the couple after the marriage ceremony did take place. We have translators, who work for us full-time, so your Birth Certificate or Marriage Certificate can be translated immediately.

You will get the translation which is stamped and signed by Certified Translation Company. We can also help you to certify documents by Solicitor or Notary. If you live far away from our office, just send us your scanned document and we will do the rest!


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