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Educational documents

Polish document translation - University Diploma

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Profesjonalne t?umaczenia i legalizacja polskich dyplomow w Londynie! Je?li potrzebuj? Pa?stwo t?umaczenia polskiego dyplomu uko?czenia studiów w okazyjnej cenie i szybkim czasie, prosimy o kontakt z nasz? firm?. T?umaczenia dyplomów realizowane w ci?gu 24 godzin!

When you are looking to continue on with your studies in the UK or your employer requires a confirmation of your qualifications, you will need to translate your Polish University Diploma into English. A Diploma is a certificate awarded to a student by a Polish education institution that provides evidence of successfully completing a certain study course or being awarded an academic degree. In order to submit a translated copy of your University Diploma, certain countries, such as the UK, require you to legalise the translated document. Our company specialises in high-quality document translation as well as document certification and legalisation. Our specialised team of highly qualified translators and proofreaders will provide you with a reliable and professional translation of your document arranging all the necessary legal formalities for you. We provide a fast and accurate service, send us your document by post or e-mail and we will translate it for you in 24 hours! For more details, please contact us on our E-mail:,; Phone No: 07999744743, 07791997544; or visit our office: Office 307, 107-111 Fleet Street, London, EC4A 2AB

Polish document translation - University Diploma


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