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Based in Dublin, but with offices internationally, Certified Translation Services offers the most affordable and accurate translation services in Ireland. We specialise in the translation of vital documents, in particular, the birth certificate. This is an extremely important document to have translated as it can be required for countless procedures like student visas, work visas, citizenship processes, marriage and more. Find out how we can help you translate your foreign birth certificate into English or your Irish one into a foreign language.

How to translate your birth certificate with Certified Translation Services

You may need to translate your Birth Certificate for the immigration department, social welfare office and other administrative bodies.

The birth certificate certification process includes affidavit - statement that attests to the validity of the translation of your birth certificate. Documents translation is our speciality, so we employ and train our certified translators directly. Government institutions then check these statements to appear with their corresponding signatures. When certification must be notarized, we can organise this using Public Notary. We can also certify your document with Solicitor or Notary and apostille them if needed. We can also apostille it in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs if required.


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You may need to translate your Birth Certificate for the Civil Registry Office, Immigration, Legal Matters or simply to Certify or Notarize the document. We normally don’t need to see the original document but if we are, we can post it back to you.

Why choose Certified Translation Services in Ireland

Our professional translators are certified experts in the languages they translate, they all have legal background, and they are very experienced in providing all of the elements that are needed (such as signature, seal, and stamp references) in order for your translation to be accepted by the government agencies.

We are extremely competitive when it comes to our market ensuring that quality service doesn’t mean high price. Our professional certified translators are experts in translation and they are very experienced in providing excellent services.

Certified Translation Services is a certified translation provider accredited by the Association of Translation Companies.

We guarantee you will receive the highest quality service and that your translation will be accepted by the requesting authorities.


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